The Crown Jewel

True Blue/69 Carat


Entrust your family jewels to the kind of regal comfort they deserve. Add a crown to your jewels with the double-width, gold logo waistband and experience the kind of a deep comfort that’s usually reserved for a slumbering king. The double-layered pouch constructed from odour-killing, breathable cotton will keep you safe and sound through long winters and hot, hot summers so you can get on with ruling your kingdom in absolute comfort.

Your first underwear purchase will be packaged in a re-usable Butch® tin can, topped with a Butch® key ring and wrapped in our custom made stubby cooler. Subsequent purchases will be shipped without the Butch® tin can, key ring and stubby holder, however these items are available for purchase separately in the Butch store.

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  • Odour-killing cotton infused with antimicrobial super powers
  • Double-layered pouch for a stronger, longer bear hug down there
  • Double-width, soft waistband for comfort so good you’ll forget you’re dressed
  • Minimalist design so there’s more room for you to be you
  • Lightweight but durable, breathable cotton fabric for a bearly-there sensation
  • Your first purchase includes a complimentary Butch® key ring in a reusable Butch® tin can and custom made stubby cooler
  • Designed in Australia, made for the world

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