Butch Trading Card - Craig


Can’t keep it in your pants? Friskiness is next to godliness in our eyes, but it’s not always viewed so positively in public. That’s why these innocent* Butch Trading Cards are all innuendo. Featuring a line-up of barely clothed bears – ‘Tyrone’, ‘Craig’, ‘Jett’ and ‘Perry’ all have a different flavour and come accompanied by a strength, humour, speed and stamina rating – it’s kinda like Pokemon but with actual poking. Free with your first purchase, One pair of undies = get your man mitts on one card. Four pairs = four cards because we’re great at math. They’re laminated. For obvious reasons. Admissible as currency for favours. Or just take them as a ‘thank you’ (spank you) from us. *until proven guilty

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