Bearly There Briefs

Blue Heeler


We'll hold you just the way you like it - all day, and deep into the night. We know big men need big support -it's why Butch exists. We know you like to feel cupped when you need it most, so we designed our pouch extra-large and doubled the fabric for durability. We know big blokes sweat it too, so we use odour-killing cotton. And we know above all else, big, thick men simply want comfy undies, so we doubled the waistband thickness and the gusset fabric. So whether you're swinging a hammer or swinging your booty, you can carry yourself with the confidence of a grizzly bear. All this captured in our re-usable Butch tin can, topped with a Butch key ring and wrapped in our custom made stubby cooler.

Want an (under)pants party?

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  • Odour-killing cotton infused with antimicrobial super powers
  • Double-layered pouch for a stronger, longer bear hug down there
  • Double-width, soft waistband for comfort so good you’ll forget you’re dressed
  • Playful waistband design to encourage play below the waist
  • Lightweight but durable, breathable cotton fabric for a bearly-there sensation
  • Your first purchase includes a complimentary Butch® key ring in a reusable Butch® tin can and custom made stubby cooler
  • Designed in Australia, made for the world
$25.00 New

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