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About Us

At Butch® we’re standing up – in our sneakers, sandals and heels – for a new kind of social construct. One that says ‘yes’ to burly, bold and broad. One that says ‘yes’ to dad bods, Buddha bellies and Muscle Marys. And one that roars ‘yes’ to redefining masculinity for the modern man.

The Butch® society knows that it takes a hearty gut to be brave and a gutsy heart to be vulnerable. We’ll cradle your sweaty brow and sing hallelujah for your wood (-cutting ways). And if you want to cry, we’ll hear that too, but not before we’ve gathered the tissues to mop your carpeted chest.

At Butch®, we show love in many ways. So we dreamt up a range of premium, designer underwear for the modern man. Designed in Australia, our products are woven in a premium, antimicrobial infused cotton so only the right kind of musk will permeate your ozone-free land. Each pair is made with a double-layered pouch and gusset to support the boys. And our double-width waist band is so soft you’ll feel like you’re going commando every day. While our products do come in small and medium, at Butch 2XL and 3XL come as standard because we simply love you more when there is more to love.

If you’re ready to roar ‘yes,’ to all of the above, then get dressed with us. We promise to hug you all day long.


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