Is the Butch Tin Can included with every underwear purchase?

Only your first underwear purchase will be packaged in our trademark re-usable Butch® tin can, topped with a Butch® key ring and wrapped in our custom made stubby cooler. Subsequent purchases will be shipped without the Butch® tin can, keyring and stubby holder, however these items will be available to purchase separately on the Butch online store.

Am I Butch enough?

Are you a man who thinks his balls deserve thoughtfully designed, well-made underpants? Then Butch® is for you.

Butch® is for real men. All those burly, curly, ballsy men. We design our undies with big men in mind, so they fit perfectly and feel incredible. But they’re made for all sizes – if you’re Butch in spirit, that’s enough for us. 

How did Butch® come (to be)?

The founder of Butch® has always had a thing for good-looking, well-built… products. But underwear for the well-built burly man was nowhere to be seen. So, we took matters into our own hands (as we’ve been known to do) and created something new instead.

Is Butch® just for burly men?

No way. Butch® is for real men, no matter their size, shape, length and girth. While other brands design for one size (of 6-pack), Butch® is about every man. As long as they want to feel good below. Or on top… we stock singlets, too.

Do smaller men get a look in?

Absolutely. Smaller men are just as sexy to us – our underwear starts at size small. Because we all know it’s not the size that counts.

Will Butch® ever ease up on the burliness?

Short answer: nope. We choose big guts over chiselled abs. Every time. That’s our brand of sexy. There’s no body too burly-licious for us, baby. And if you’re not down with that you can take your sit-ups and protein shakes to the yawn-fest, where they belong.

My desired Butch® product is playing hard to get (i.e. it’s out of stock). What can I do?

We prefer to keep things intimate here at Butch®. That’s why we design a new collection in limited numbers once a year. Which means when products are out of stock, they’re likely gone for good. Occasionally, we’ll do a second (and final) release, so stay tuned to our social media pages: @butchsociety on Instagram and Facebook. Or just keep pressing refresh on butch.life for the next few weeks. You might get lucky.

Wholesale Orders

My store needs your Butch® Do you wholesale?

Want to stock Butch® undies and accessories in your store? At the moment we’re sold exclusively on our website, but we never say never to anything (especially if it feels good) – so if you’d like to chat about the possibilities of wholesaling Butch® email us at wholesale@butch.life.


My Account

I have a new email address (my badboy69 hotmail addy got old). How do I let you know?

All you gotta do is say so. Send an email to help@butch.life with your current email, and your new one. Then lie back, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Am I a boner-fide Butch® member?

If you placed an order and left the right box ticked, then yep, you’re one of us. If you’ve entered your email address in the top right-hand corner of our website, then you’re a member. If you answered no to both of those questions and you want in with the rest of us beautiful burly Butch dudes, submit your email address in the top right corner of the site (oh yeah, right there) to enjoy the full Butch® experience.


Is butch.life safe?

Shopping at Butch® is much safer than anything you do on a night out (or in). Seriously. Our website is powered by Shopify which complies with the highest level of payment card industry (PCI) standards, so you’re safe with us.

Who can see my privates?

We like to keep your privates to ourselves. The only time we share any personal details with anyone, is when we think there’s been some dodgy activity with the credit card. In that case, we’ll supply the details to the right people – including the IP address and signature ID – but no one else. We believe in privacy – what goes on behind closed doors is none of our business. You can read our privacy policy our the 'contact' page.

Marketing, Media and Public Relations

Shout it from the rooftops: I want to make a marketing, media and public relations enquiry.

Want to shout about Butch®? Hell, yeah you do, you beautiful, ballsy thing. Email the marketing team directly at media@butch.life

The Brand

I want to see it in the flesh. Where can I buy Butch?

There’s a time and a place for being exclusive. Butch® underwear and accessories are available on butch.life and nowhere else. Our collections are limited release, and exclusive to us. So, when you shop with Butch®, you know you’re treating your balls to something pretty damn special.

I am a Butch man and love getting my belly out for the camera. Want me to model for you?

We love a real man – the more real the better. We’re about beer guts over six-packs. And we reckon wax is best saved for surfboards. So embrace your big hairy self and let us see it. All ages and ethnicities are welcome to apply. If you, your partner, or one of your mates is a power-lifter, rugby player or solid tradie (or just built like one), fill out our model form and attach a few recent, natural (non-photoshopped) pictures along with a short video telling us about yourself. Send it to models@butch.life and get that power pose ready.

I want to spread the Butch® lovin’. Can I be an influencer?

We are so up for all the real men around Australia to put their pair in a pair of our undies. If you are a Butch kinda guy and know how to post great stuff that makes real men feels amazing, we want to meet you. If you love our brand and fit the Butch lifestyle, fill out our influencer form and send it to influencer@butch.life.

I can work it. Can I work for you?

Butch® is a growing boy, so we’re always looking for extra help – especially in sales and marketing, merchandising, creative and fashion production. If you love our love for burly men and think you could offer some real help, drop us a line at career@butch.life.

My product rubbed me the wrong way (i.e. it had a fault). Can I get a refund?

For sure. Our quality control is tighter than your glute muscles after a few squats (whether at the gym or getting something out of the fridge). But of course, if there’s a fault, we’ll refund or swap it if you let us know within 30 days – as long as you have your receipt, and you give the product back in the same Butch® condition as it arrived.
If you found a fault, drop us a line at returns@butch.life and we’ll help you out.


I changed my mind on the order I just placed – my bad. What can I do?

If it was just moments ago, we won’t have sent it yet. Get in touch and we can refund the purchase and delivery costs before it leaves our mighty hands. Unfortunately, once it’s gone, we don’t have the speed to chase down the postie, so the opportunity to cancel the order has passed.

I decided I’m more of a free-baller after all. Can I get a refund?

Would you be happy to hear that your brand-new Butch®undies have been sliding around someone else’s privates? We wouldn’t do it to you. Which means no refunds or exchanges if you simply change your mind.

Turns out the product I ordered is already cupping someone else’s privates. What happens now?

We try really hard to keep our online store updated, but mistakes happen (usually when the lights are dimmed), so if you ordered something we don’t have, you’ll get to choose an alternative, or a refund. Lights on, crisis averted.

Is there any guarantee that Butch® will cover my arse for the foreseeable future?

You bet. All Butch® garments come with a burly 5-year warranty on the workmanship, as long as you have proof of purchase. This warranty does not extend to general wear and tear (or those unwashable stains). But we’re confident you could squat, thrust and grind for years and not damage these bad boys.

Who picks up the bill for postage in an exchange?

When it’s our error, we do. For example, when your item is faulty, or not as ordered. We can’t imagine anyone changing their mind once they’ve put our bad boys on yours… but just to be clear, we can’t take purchases back. No one wants them after they’ve hugged your junk.
For your own protection, we recommend that you send the parcel using a delivery service that insures you for the value of the goods and includes tracking delivery. Unfortunately we cannot accept responsibility for any problems occurring in transit with the products you’re returning to us.

Hold up, I received the wrong product. What do I do?

No one is as perfect as that ringlet in the middle of your big, broad chest. Which means sometimes mistakes happen. If you received the wrong item, send your order number, name, address and order details to help@butch.life, and tell us whether you’d like it to be rectified or refunded.

I love Butch and I love freebies. How can I get free shipping?

All Butch® orders over $100 ship free in Australia. Think of it as an incentive to warm your buns with Butch, more of the time. Every day of the week, ideally.

Will Butch® be available to burly men outside Australia?

We do love an exotic accent. And we’re working on sending Butch® overseas, but it hasn’t happened just yet. Join us on Instagram or Facebook and we’ll keep you ‘posted’.

I’m impatient. How quickly can you get my order out the door?

Generally, we prefer things slow and gentle. But when it comes to getting Butch orders out into the world, we go as hard and fast as we can. Except in exceptional circumstances, all orders placed are shipped the very next business day.

Because everyone wants a piece of Butch® during the holiday season, we might not get through every order on the next business day. But we promise it’s worth the wait.

Do you have a Butch® method for working out shipping costs?

We don’t work them out, actually. When it comes to shipping, Australia Post is in control. We don’t set the rates, and we don’t mark them up, either. You’re paying for fast, safe delivery of your Butch® goods. And we reckon it’s a fair price to pay.

I’m all hot under the collar and want to know if my order was successful. How can I tell?

You will receive a charming order confirmation email, so check your inbox. If you haven’t received it, or think something prevented you finishing (like when you accidentally think of your mum at the wrong moment), reach out to help@butch.life and we’ll take a look.



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